No Sound On iPad Games & Apps, How To Fix It

No Sound On iPad Games & Apps, How To Fix It
Read the Post on “No sound on iPad Games & Apps, How to fix it”, Go through some possible reasons and solutions for “No sounds on iPad Games & Apps, How to fix it“, and get it done, definitely, by yourself.
Many of the iPad users have found complaining sound issues with their iPad, sometimes with Brand new one’s they just bought. Lack of sound not only can have a detrimental impact on the level of enjoyment but often can lead frustration to the level where they take a determinant decision of replacing or changing their device. Sound, off course, is a major factor of enjoyment especially in gaming apps and lack of sound can be irritating during play.

No sound on IPad Games

The Game developers use fascinating sounds for different environments of Game play to exaggerate the excitement. There can be multiple reasons for ‘No sound’ but you can use the following tips to get it back.

No Sound On iPad Games & Apps, How to Fix It

1. Is your iPad Muted?

On the side of your iPad there is a small switch for Mute. First of all check the small side switch. If you find there a reddish-orange mark visible, your iPad is muted. The side switch can be use either for muting the iPad, or locking rotation. Disable Mute by simply pushing the switch up and get the sound back. If this doesn’t work for you, Double tap the Home button, scroll right to locate the “Sound icon”. If you find a hash on this icon, click it once to turn the sound “On”.

2. Turn Sound Up to Max…

– Sometimes we turns down the sound to minimum level and forgets. In these cases, turning the sound all the way up to maximum can be helpful.

3. Reboot Your iPad after Closing all the Apps…

To check the running apps, Double tap the home button so that you can access each app that is running, Just close them all first. Now press the power and home buttons at the same time and hold them until  the iPod’s screen  goes black. This process will continue and you will find Apple Logo appearing on screen. Your iPad has rebooted now, so release the buttons.

4. Hard Reset the iPad with Factory Settings Option…

This technique is called Hard reset of any device by which you can fix numerous issues but by doing this all the data like accounts, contacts, messages, passwords, Media etc will be deleted. So it’s always better to take Backup before using this method. You can use your PC attachment to take backup on iTunes. After getting a successful backup, follow theses steps to reset iPad to factory settings. This will refresh your iPad to original settings.

  •  Click on “Settings”— Find “General”
  • Give a click on “General’
  • Scroll down the page to Find the “Reset” option.
  • Click on “Reset”, then select “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • This will generate two pop-up warnings, and it is necessary to press Erase for both. The factory settings process can take an extended period of time, so it’s essential that the battery should be fully charged before starting this process.

5. Still Stuck on the Same problem?

If you find all of the above solutions not working for you, there might be other potential causes for no sound on iPad. Check your headphone jack, If there is something stuck in there, it might be a reason of No sound on your iPad. If there is no sound for a specific app or a game,  why don’t you uninstall the app and give it an update or simply re-install it.

Hope you find “No sound on iPad games & apps, How to fix it”, useful, informative and result oriented post. Feel free to add a comment if you are still stuck with the same issue or want to share your experience of success.


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